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How can I get Linux?

ALWAYS obtain your Linux installation media directly from the main ditribution centre of your chosen distro. These are usually available as CDs or DVDs, but it is often more convenient to download corresponding ISO files for local burning to CD or DVD. This can be done on any computer/operating system that is capable of accessing the Internet and of burning ISO image files, including of course PCs running Microsoft Windows.

Given a good broadband connection to the Internet, it will probably be best to choose a single CD/ISO file that includes only the basic software needed to start an installation and which then downloads the bulk of software directly from the Internet. This will ensure that you get to install the most up to date versions of the software. CDs/ISO files of this kind are often named as "netinst" or something similar.

A reasonably complete distro will typically occupy several DVDs, so the "netinst" option is usually a good way to proceed. In any case, on-line software repositories will include much more software than it would be practical to keep on DVDs. For example, the Debian Linux resitories contain over 30,000 applications.

ISO files (and usually CDs) can be obtained directly from the distributors website. A “Google” search will quickly find your distro of choice. Do read the available information before committing to it.

A warning:
I have had many bad experiences with "hot off the press" distros that had been included on DVDs that are supplied with computer magazines. Do not be tempted to use these!

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