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Linux For Beginners

It's a big (Linux) world out there:

The world of Linux is vast. New users should be careful before venturing off on their own. The following points might help:

Always use the built-in software package manager (ie 'Synaptic' for Debian and Ubuntu). Don't be tempted to install software from sources outside the distro repositories. Even experienced users can have problems with externally sourced packages and compiling from source code is definitely best left to experts.

DO stick with your choice of distro, otherwise you are likely to get confused by differences between distros and incompatible package formats (eg between RPM and DEB packages).

Take time to become familiar with a limited number of the installed applications. Under Linux there are often several ways to do a job. The optimum way might be the one that you most familiar with.

Linux is generally well documented with a lot of distro specific information available via the Internet. Do use this very valuable source of information.

Having discouraged new users from venturing outside the repositories of their particular distro, there are sometimes good reasons for doing this. For example, some of the best open source software developers provide ready built binary packages for specific distros. 'Firefox' and 'Libre Office' are in this category and can be worth considering. But DO refer to on-line help before doing this.<

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