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Move Linux installations to other machines:

Unlike Microsoft Windows, Linux is not bound to the PC on which it was initially installed.

I recently introduced a friend to Linux by first installing Debian Linux on a hard drive in one of my PCs. I then posted the hard drive to my friend for him to fit the drive into his PC. He now uses Linux whenever possible (ie most of the time) instead of his Microsoft XP system. He had no problems at all in using the Linux system which works 100%.

This is possible because unlike Microsoft Windows, Linux installs complete libraries of hardware drivers rather than installing only drivers for the hardware that is detected during installation.

When Linux starts up, it first checks what hardware is currently present and then loads and sets up appropriate drivers.

I cannot guarantee that this will work in all cases, but so far I have had no problems in moving installations between desktop PCs. Of course a 64 bit installation cannot be expected to run on a 32 bit processor, but a 32 bit installation from an old Athlon 32 bit PC worked 100% when plugged into my 64 bit Core 2 quad based PC.

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