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Linux For Beginners


Most computer users these days will have at least have heard about Linux. Some folks have "tried" Linux and have been disappointed. Others, like me, have been using Linux very successfully.

Linux has been my preferred computer operating system for over 12 years. I find it to be generally more satisfactory than any of the Microsoft operating systems that I have used and am familiar with (ie from DOS v3 up to and including Windows Vista). Presently, I have Linux installed on a netbook computer, two laptop computers, and several desktop PCs, including a 64 bit quad core based PC.

One of the many reasons that I prefer to use Linux is that it allows me much more freedom in how I use it and what I use it for than is possible or permissible when using Microsoft Windows. However, a "newbie" to Linux and the world of open source software might find this freedom to be confusing and problematical.

In this article, I have tried to explain what Linux is and how this relates to the world of open source software. I have also tried to explore some possible reasons for disappointment, and to provide some guidance for those wishing to install and to begin using Linux.

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