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Properties and Calculations Relating To Steam And Water

jSteam provides a computerised model of the properties of steam and water as defined in conventional steam tables. This can be used to determine properties of steam and water based on input of pressure and/or temperature values. Saturated and superheated conditions are catered for as follows:

Saturated steam/water:   0.009 bara to 221.20 bara (ie to Crit.Press.)
                                    5.000 degC to 374.13 degC (ie to Crit.Temp.)

    Superheated steam:   0.009 bara to 250.00 bara
                                    5.000 degC to 650.00 degC

jSteam can also be used to do various calculations relating to the usage of steam/water, including generation of power via steam turbines.

The program was written in Java. This version of the program does not provide any facilities for printing out results or for any other interaction with hardware or file I/O and should therefore run on any modern operating system on which a Java Run Time Environment has been installed. jSteam has been tested and found to run under Linux and Microsoft Windows XP.

Data about properties of steam and water have been obtained from a number of sources. That relating to Enthalpy, Entropy and Specific Volume are mainly derived from ruitines given by Stetz & Silvestri. Ref: Trans. ASME, Vol 80, No4, May 1958, pages 967-973 These ruitines provide values which fit closely with modern Steam Tables. Modifications have been applied to improve accuracy near the critical point. Other data has been obtained or derived from various sources and are believed to be practically accurate.

jSteam is presented as a Linux tarball and as a zip file. Users of Microsoft Windows should use the .zip file.

After de-compressing one of these files, ensure that the de-compressed directory/folder is the current directory, and then use the command 'jSteam' to run the program.

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