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Wed 20th Mar 2019
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Welcome to my website. Please feel free to browse.

Here, I hope to present articles, data, images, software and other information which might be of interest to other folks.

You are free to use the contents of this website as you wish, but I would appreciate being advised of any use intended. I have tried to give full credit to other authors who's ideas I have used or referred to.

Software that I have developed is released as 'open source' according to conditions set out in the General Public Licence.

If you have queries concerning anything on this website or any suggestions, please contact me.

To enter the website, left click on one of the topics listed.

Note: Depending on the browser used, some of the images on this website can be viewed at larger sizes :
Firefox, Opera, Konqueror -- right click on image and then click on 'View Image'
Google Chrome -- right click on image and then on 'Open image in new tab'
Internet Explorer -- from browser menu, use View>Zoom (not ideal!)

So much for standardisation in browsers!