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The Last Goodbye

A friend for life? Hopefully yes! But all things eventually come to and end.

Dog owners will normally expect to outlive their dogs and those last moments can be very hard to accept. I have known folks to say that they would not consider having another dog because they were so upset about loosing one.

Just like us, dogs grow old. And just like us, some will die suddenly from a heart attack or other sudden event. That is perhaps the best and easiest of situations for all concerned.

Many will not have such a quick departure and will suffer gradually worsening health. Unlike us, dogs will not really understand this and are likely to become increasingly unhappy, and might also be in some pain. There will come a time when the only humane thing to do is to ask a vet to put the dog to sleep. This is perhaps the most difficult thing for a dog owner to experience. It can be tempting to persist with caring for a dog for the owners benefit rather than being sensible so as to put the dog out of it's misery. I had to do this with my dog Sally and it really upset me.

However, we are permitted to give our dogs this last kindness. Unfortunately, we don't yet allow it for ourselves.

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