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Where to begin?

This is a big subject and typically dog owners will have their own, often strongly held beliefs about dogs, preferred breeds, how to manage them, and how to live with them.

My own preferences and philosophy concerning dogs are set out under the headings on the left. I believe that it is very importance to choose a breed with a character that suits the owner and his/her circumstances, and not to choose a breed simply for it's appearance. Characters can differ considerably between breeds, and to some extent between individuals of the same breed.

Dogs are by nature very social creatures and unless allowed to become a respected member of a "pack" they will not behave at their best. They should not be allowed to become "pack leader", although of course any normal healthy dog will always try to do this.

In my experience, dogs are very quick to pick up on "body language" and can see in only a few seconds how one identifies with dogs. They are intelligent enough to sense when they are being considered as "dumb animals" and are very likely to return with "dumb behaviour".

I try to be a responsible dog owner who provides for the needs of my dog, and for the needs of others who might not be so disposed towards dogs. Living in a rural area, I take very seriously the need for dogs to be familiar with livestock and to understand that they must never bother livestock.

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