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A Friend For Life

A friend for life? Definitely! For the life of the dog which sadly is normally much shorter than our own lives.

Folks who haven't experienced canine friendship are often unable to understand that a "simple animal" can show honesty, trust, reliability, and 100% loyalty. Those of us who have enjoyed close relationships with dogs understand that canine honesty and trust can sometimes be more reliable than found in humans.

Human honesty and trust are often conditional!

Consider for example, how much a blind person can rely on their guide dog. Of course the dog is trained for the job (just as humans are trained for specific jobs), but the dog must apply this training in real and unpredictable situations. The dog will do this without fail for the whole of it's working life.

Humans and dogs have been working together for many thousands of years. Perhaps it's not surprising that we are capable of understand each other pretty well.

If you do develop a close relationship with your dog, there will be moments when the dog looks straight into your eyes and the world seems to stop......

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