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Projects: Webcams for astrophotography

Information given in this article is based on my own understanding and experiences as a beginner in the field of astrophotography. Some advanced topics are not covered, but newcomers should be able to find most of what they need to get started with a webcam.

I make no claims whatsoever for originality and wish to thank the pioneers of astro 'webcamming' for their efforts in publicising the results of their efforts.

It's probably fair to state that today, there are some reasonably priced alternatives to modified webcams for long exposure astrophotography. That does not mean that the trusty webcam no longer has a place in the field of astrophotograhy.

The simplicity and ease of use of the webcam still makes it a strong contender for photographing the brightest of the celestial objects.

Much of the pioneering work with webcams was done using the Phillips ToUcam. The ToUcam has been obsolete for some time and is practically unobtainable. The later Phillips SPC900NC webcam is electronically similar to the ToUcam and has a physically different layout that makes it much easier to modify for long exposure operation.

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