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My Shack

I use the smallest bedroom of my house as a shack, which means that even in Winter, I can remain comfortably warm. I have plenty of space for shelves, cupboards, desk top, computer gear, filing cabinet, etc.

Although the room is at ground level, I am some considerable distance from anywhere that I could install an RF earthing system. Anyway, the local ground conductivity is unlikely to be good enough for this purpose. This brought me to the conclusion that all of my antennas should be fed via coaxial cables and that at the antenna ends of these feeders, appropriate measures would be taken to prevent RF from passing back down the outside of the feeders.

Overall View Of Station

Desktop shelf and wall shelf units were made using 18mm veneered MDF. This material is very much stronger and stiffer than standard chip board.

Coax antenna cables can be seen leaving the shack to enter the roof space above the left side of the desk.

Computer and power supplies are situated out of the picture at the right hand side of the desk.

Closer view of desktop

This desktop serves as both a radio station and a computer work station, which explains the large flat screen VDU, full sized keyboard and mouse.

You might find the layout of my desktop to be strange. Although I write with my left hand, most other operations are done using my right hand. No doubt you would wish to arrange things to suite your own preferences.

The station as shown above includes:

Icom PCR1000 radio -- is the small flat black box situated under the left side of the VDU. This is an all mode computer driven radio (NOT SDR) with a continuous frequency coverage from 10 kHz to 1.3 GHz. This radio is useful when testing and calibrating other equipment.

Yeasu FT897D HF/VHF/UHF transceiver with external large scale S meter -- situated under the desktop shelf and directly beneath the VDU. I use this set mainly for it's VHF/UHF coverage.

Kenwood TS590S HF transceiver -- situated to the right of the Yeasu.

Quansheng TG-UV2 2m/70cm hand held transceiver -- situated at the right hand end of the desktop shelf.

On the left hand end of the desktop shelf are stacked a conventional ATU, a remote tuning controller for a mag loop antenna, and an SWR meter.

At the left side of the picture and shown fixed to the wall, is an antenna switch box. This provides for two inputs from Tx/Rx sets, and for four outputs to HF antenna feeders. This unit is relay controlled so that only one input and one output can be selected. All other connections are automatically short circuited to ground. When 12 Volt relay power is removed, all connections are shorted to earth.

The antenna switch box is not suited to operation at VHF and above, so presently, 2m/70cm antennas are connected/disconnected manually.