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I live in South Cumbria, England, United Kingdom -- just a few miles outside the Lake District National Park. My home is a bungalow on a small housing estate set in rural surroundings, 5 miles South of Kendal, and at approximately 100 metres above sea level.

Having one of the highest houses on the estate, at roof level I have reasonably unrestricted local "air space". The houses are quite closely spaced, so I have insufficient ground area on which to put up large antennas for use on HF frequencies.

Communication via ground wave propagation is limited by the Cumbrian Fells to the North and by the Pennines to the East. I have clear access along the Furness Peninsula to the West, and round to Lancashire and North Wales towards the South. However, I receive quite a lot of QRM from the Morecambe/Lancashire area.

Because of the elevation and open aspect, winds can be quite strong. Tall vertical antennas would require substantial support wires which would look unsightly.

The ground around my home tends to be rocky and is often dry. It would be difficult to provide a really effective RF earthing system, so the use of end fed antennas could be problematical.

I have no wish to alienate my neighbours by erecting antennas that would spoil their surroundings, so I have tried to choose and set up antennas that have minimal impact on the locality.

I'm sure that these problems are faced by many radio amateurs, so perhaps my choices of antennas might be of interest to others.