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Amateur Radio

My Call Sign: M0KOH

My interest in amateur radio goes back to the mid 1950's when at the tender age of 12 years, Ken Coates (G3IZT) took me under his wing. Unfortunately, impending exams and then a busy life prevented me from taking the amateur radio examination. At nearly 70 years old, I decided it was high time that I corrected this. In 2012, I obtained my Foundation, Intermediate, and Full licenses.

Many radio amateurs these days opt to purchase their equipment as complete and ready to use items. We are spoilt for choice with the ready availability of high quality equipment. I still find that there is a lot of enjoyment, satisfaction, and understanding to be gained from building my own equipment.

I use commercially made radios and transceivers because these are now typically of such high technical performances and of such complexity that it would be impractical for me to build similar equipment.

Even the very best receivers and transmitters are of limited use without reasonably good antenna systems, and access to test instruments and ancillary equipment that can be used to check and adjust operating parameters. IMHO, it is in these areas that radio amateurs can most easily make practical and economical contributions to the operation of their stations.

Like many folks these days, my radio operations are limited by the fact that I live in close proximity to neighbours and have only a small amount of ground space. I have tried to provide details of my location, my shack, reasons for my choice of antennas, equipment and test instruments that I have made and my reasons for making them. I hope that you will find some points of interest here for your own operations.

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